One afternoon, I stumbled upon the Hoo Films website and it just so happened that they had recently filmed a private ceremony, very similar to what we were planning for ourselves. After my husband and I watched the film, we looked at each other, jaws on the ground… and of course, I was in tears. We decided we had to have Hoo Films film our wedding day no matter what it took!

They are amazing at what they do! To be honest, I don’t even think amazing describes their talent. Their work is unlike any other we had seen before and we truly feel spoiled to have had Hoo Films by our side to capture our special day. Every single one of our friends is beyond jealous of our wedding film and that is because they truly captured all of the special moments and emotions we felt that day and you can feel it when you watch our film. From getting ready, to reading our heartfelt vows, to simply goofing around taking pictures outside, they didn’t miss a thing! Watching them in action, you are able to see the passion they have for their work and you know that you are in good hands!

Looking back, I can’t imagine reminiscing about our wedding day and not being able to watch our wedding film and relive those moments. To know that one day we will be able to show our children (and grandchildren) our wedding film gives me chills and is really something that you cannot put a price on. We have Hoo Films to thank for those memories that will last in our family for generations. We truly cannot praise this amazing team and their incredible talent enough! If you are lucky to work with Hoo Films, you will be amazed with them every step of the way. This team is as good as they come and you will be blown away by your wedding film! We love you Hoo!!!
— Christina + Sean
I would have to say that Hoo Films was my favorite vendor at our wedding. Not only did they create a wedding film that exceeded our expectations, but they were fantastic every step of the way. From our first meeting, I instantly liked the combination of their professionalism and easygoing personalities. When we watched our film for the first time, we were so impressed with the way our wedding was filmed and the editing was awesome. These cinematographers truly have a gift, and thanks to them we have our beautiful memories preserved forever.
— Lisette + Mike
It was truly a pleasure to work with the Hoo Films team. From start to finish they invested as much time, energy and love into our wedding as we did. What other vendor would do that? Hoo Films takes a lot of pride in their work and it is evident at every step of the way. Their work is truly priceless! After four days of footage from an Indian wedding, they did a brilliant job of creating a cinematic masterpiece. Their work is creative and unique and they do an incredible job of capturing the moments you wouldn’t think anyone would capture. I would recommend the Hoo Films team to anyone looking for cinematographers who are enthusiastic, loving, creative, reliable and tons of fun to work with! We hope everyone is as lucky as we were and gets to work with Hoo Films on their wedding day!
— Puja + Manan
There is no way to adequately express how much we love and appreciate the film that Hoo Films has created for us. It is something that we will treasure forever. Hoo Films managed to capture not only the intimate moments of the day but the range of emotions as well. It is the perfect mix of love, serious moments, fun and laughter. It truly captured us as a couple and exactly what we felt that day. They got to know us beforehand and told our story as if they were lifelong friends. I feel so lucky to have put our trust in a team who honored our day and gave us such a precious gift. We now have a lasting memory and also friends in Hoo Films.
— Maily + Brian
As a bride you are so busy with all your guests, the love in the room and of course your new husband next to you. There are so many emotions going through your heart & head it’s hard to remember all the amazing moments you shared. When I got my video from Hoo Films it was like being a guest at my own wedding. I could hear every word of my husbands poetic vows. I got to see my dad’s face as he walked me down the aisle and danced with me at the reception. I got to pause the video and see where everyone sat and what they wore. I got to show it to my family & friends who didn’t get to fly out for our wedding —- which they all cried and said they felt like they were there. I can’t imagine not having this video to cherish forever. I’ve watched it numerous times. I can’t wait to show our children one day. Hoo Films is such an exceptional team that I have flown them in 3 times to do weddings here in Hawaii where my wedding planning business is based.
— Melissa + Kevin
Hoo, We love the way you capture the unexpected moments at Allison and Sean’s wedding and reception. For example, you knew to have the camera on Sean when she entered the door to the church with her dad. The look on his face was priceless when he saw his bride for the first time in her dress. Then again, when the ring bearer, swayed the same way the groom swayed when he saw his bride. Again, priceless....There were so MANY more special moments. Thank you!
— The Holman Family
Our wedding film was better than we could have hoped for. We both knew from the start we wanted our big day to be filmed in a beautiful way and felt immediately comfortable with the Hoo Films team. They are so professional and easy to work with, we really had no concerns about her filming our events and creating a beautiful keepsake. Hoo Films went above and beyond to capture everything from the big events, the ceremony we remember but went by so quickly, to the small details that we planned for our guests, but didn’t get to see that day. Everything made it into the film and we couldn’t be happier to sit down and enjoy our new favorite popcorn flick.
— Aryn + Steven
I’m obsessed with my wedding film! It’s a cinematic masterpiece (seriously). Hoo Films worked their magic, it’s like watching a beautiful preview and feature length movie starring me and my husband. If you’re serious about NOT having a typical boring wedding film then book her NOW. You and everyone else will be impressed. Did I mention that I’m obsessed with my wedding film?
— Genise + Troy
There are no words for us to truly express our gratitude!!! You captured our day so beautifully and perfectly!! I have watched the video 800 billion times!!! And every time I watch it I have the biggest smile on my face, warmest feeling in my heart, tears in my eyes, and chills all over!!! You are wonderful at what you do and we are so happy we got to be a product of that genius and artistry!

We absolutely can not wait to share this with our loved ones and can not wait to see the longer video with even more footage of our BEST DAY EVER!!! XOXO
— Stephanie + Mike
Priceless. Truly I can think of no better way to capture what our wedding film means to Jeff and I. To be able to relive our wedding day any time we choose in such an intimate and artistic way is something we did not even think was possible. Every time we watch the film we are moved to tears, and all the feelings from the vows to the first dance to the toasts come rushing back to us. Their talent in editing is endless. Both Jeff and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to put our special day in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about each and every client and each and every frame she edits. It will be so incredible to show our film to our children one day. Our wedding film is our prized possession. We truly cannot thank Hoo Films enough. We can tell you that you will more than love your film — you will absolutely cherish it.
— Katie + Jeffrey
I can’t say enough amazing things about Hoo Films!
Shannon and the team had been fantastic the whole way through. I got along SO well with them which made it very easy for me to feel relaxed, happy, and believe it or not, stress-free that day. They took such amazing footage of me and the girls, my husband and the guys, and I can’t even begin to tell you about how out-of-this-world-phenomenal the footage of the ceremony and reception. I cried while I watched it over and over and over again. I watch it every day, as does my mom....still!

I have loved every single minute of working with Hoo Films. I HIGHLY recommend them to film your special day! You’ll forever be grateful that you did!!
— Ashley + Taylor