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Humbled and flattered by this amazing letter...

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I feel honored to have been a part of this couple's day...and they honestly give reason to why you shouldn't skip having a film on your wedding day. This is not only one of the most heartfelt letters I've received, but a must read...

"When my husband and I decided to have a private ceremony with only our parents present, hiring a videographer was something we desperately wanted to have. More than anything, we wanted to share in that intimate moment together, but have the ability to share that moment with our family and friends after our ceremony.

One afternoon, I stumbled upon the Hoo Films website and it just so happened that Shannon had recently filmed a private ceremony, very similar to what we were planning for ourselves. After my husband and I watched the film, we looked at each other, jaws on the ground… and of course, I was in tears. We decided we had to have Shannon film our wedding day no matter what it took!

Shannon is not only an incredible woman and now a dear friend of ours; she is amazing at what she does. To be honest, I don’t even think amazing describes her talent. Her work is unlike any other we had seen before and we truly feel spoiled to have had her by our side to capture our special day. Every single one of our friends is beyond jealous of our wedding film and that is because Shannon truly captured all of the special moments and emotions we felt that day and you can feel it when you watch our film. From getting ready, to reading our heartfelt vows, to simply goofing around taking pictures outside, she didn’t miss a thing! Watching Shannon in action, you are able to see the passion she has for her work and you know that you are in good hands!

Looking back, I can’t imagine reminiscing about our wedding day and not being able to watch our wedding film and relive those moments. To know that one day we will be able to show our children (and grandchildren) our wedding film gives me chills and is really something that you cannot put a price on. We have Shannon to thank for those memories that will last in our family for generations. We truly cannot praise this amazing woman and her incredible talent enough! If you are lucky to work with Shannon, you will be amazed with her every step of the way. This woman is as good as they come and you will be blown away by your wedding film!

We love you Shannon!!!"