from the Dominican Republic: Andrea + Eric's Hoo Trailer with horseback riding and swimming in Punta Cana

Since Canada is just too cold to throw a warm beach wedding, Andrea and Eric decided to have a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  Many friends and family traveled to bask in the sun at the grand pools of the Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana.  This venue was so secluded and large, we all really felt like perhaps we were on an island of our own out there!  After a red eye flight, we woke up the next day for the wedding and it was just perfect weather.  The first look was almost speechless --- in a good way.  Eric teared up and it was obvious...he really had no words to how stunning he thought his bride looked!  Minutes later, in true tropical fashion, that quickly turned into a very cloudy, windy afternoon, turns out we got the ceremony and romantics done just in time.  Shortly following, was a tropical storm as we all headed into the ballroom for a pretty fun reception.  We shot with the adorable Katya Photography on the day and had an absolute blast getting to know her and Rob throughout our days at the Hard Rock. (Miss you already Katya and Rob!!)  Also, thank you to Iz with Isabel Cinemathique for traveling all those miles and shooting this wedding with me!   The day after the wedding, we headed out for some post wedding footage.  First, we began at Bavaro Beach for some horseback riding.  The beach horses were so cute!  Next, we all got into bathing suits and headed out to the pool for some underwater footage and even some poolside relaxing.  I think we snuck in some miami vices to wrap it all up!  Andrea and Eric, you two are such a great match and it was really fun going on this Punta Cana adventure with you!  We have so much great footage for your Feature Film!  For now, enjoy your Trailer!