Triathletes are simply a different breed, driven by pushing their body to the limits, constantly aiming to beat their last record in the water, on the bike, or running. Mat Paz, co-owner of HB HITS High Intensity Training Studio gives us some perspective on his Ironman mindset. In this short, he explains how he’s racing against himself and having three disciplines keeps him from getting bored competing. He loves triathlons so much because you’re not just swimming, you’re not just biking, you’re not just cycling. And he loves all of them the same. Mat says the sport has really made an impact on his life and he continues chasing the ironman journey. HB HITS is run by the best personal trainers, triathletes, and more. Yo Armendariz, co-owner of HB HITS is also an Ironman and they welcome you to come train with the best! Check out their website and class schedule at

Canon 5DIII
Canon 24 1.4, 50 1.2, 135 2.0, 24-70ii 2.8, 70-200 2.8
Ikelite Underwater Casing used with 5DIII + 24 1.4 (