A snowy, intimate Colorado wedding: Jeni + Ethan's Feature Film

2013 was fast approaching and Jeni and Ethan were still in the very beginning stages of planning a 2013 wedding.  Ethan finally told Jeni he didn't want to start the new year not having gotten married yet.  So mid December I get a call from Jeni asking if I could fly to Colorado to film their intimate wedding on New Year's Eve.  I asked for details and she informed me the only guests would be family and they were planning on having the ceremony outside --- hopefully in the snow.  This was also a surprise to Ethan as he had no idea Jeni was hiring us.  So NYE arrives and it started snowing in Boulder, Colorado!  I knew this would make Jeni happy and that we would all be in for a romantic winter setting.  We began the day at the historic Hotel Boulderado where we all met.  I headed to Ethan's room to film him getting ready and he's a little confused at first.  We then fill him in that we were hired a surprise for him.  He says, "Seriously?  Then he says, wait, what company are you?"  I tell him Hoo Films and he says, "OH, NO WAY, that's rad!"  I then felt better about barging in his room unannounced with a camera on his private wedding day!  Then we headed over to the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House where the ceremony would take place outside.  At this point in the day, the temperate dropped to 14 degrees.  Yup... an outdoor wedding in the 14 degree snowy weather!  Jeni and Ethan exchanged the most heartfelt vows and then we took a walk around Pearl Street.  We landed for dinner, some champagne, and then a romantic outdoor first dance in the middle of Pearl Street that was lit up just perfectly for the newlyweds.  The extremely talented Chris Lind, friend of Ethan and musician, the flew in from New York and performed a cover of "Moondance" while Jeni and Ethan rang in the new year as husband and wife.  I just fell in love with Chris' voice!  Chris was also generous enough to diligently record a brand, new, unreleased single "Drive" for us to use in the piece.  Once you hear his voice - like me - I'm sure you're going to want more, so you can check out his original music at chrislindmusic.com.  Enjoy this chilly, intimate piece that will leave you wanting your own wedding in the snow!  Jeni and Ethan, I'm so glad we were able to pull together last minute and document this special moment for you two!  We had so much fun in the snow and sharing NYE with you.  Although, I am happy to be home and thawed out now! ;)